An introduction of sorts would be a very good thing to put here. 🙂

My name is Lynn. I am married to Patrick. We have been married for 16 years and together have helped raise 18 children. *GASP!* Yep, 17. Four of these children are our biological children.

  1. Christopher – age 15
  2. Mary Ann – age 7
  3. Nicholas – age 4
  4. Benjamin – age 1

Our current foster children (names have been changed to protect their identity)

  • Katie – age 2 1/2 years has been with us since birth. She was born with a cleft palate and fetal alcohol syndrome. We are hoping to adopt her soon.
  • Gemma – age 5. Hair the color of carrots! Love it. She joined our family in early June 2010. The goal at this time is reunification with her biological mother.

Our former Foster Children

  1. Jennifer – lived with us for almost 18 months beginning just before her 9th birthday. She has since gone to live with her biological father.
  2. Jane – lived with us for almost a year beginning  just after her 4th birthday. She moved with her brother (the next listing) to another foster home when I experienced some complications with a pregnancy.
  3. John – lived with us for almost a year beginning at two weeks old. He and his sister, Jane have now been adopted into a wonderful family.
  4. George & Paul – came to stay with briefly while their foster family was on vacation. Due to the nature of their case and their needs, they were unable to travel with the foster family.
  5. Linda – came to stay with immediately following her 9th birthday. She didn’t stay very long, only a couple of months. She went to live with her grandparents and her mother.
  6. Tony – needed a new foster care placement while arrangements were made for him to be admitted into a Residential Program. The abuse Tony suffered was so extreme, he needed access to counseling around the clock.
  7. George & Paul came back. Due to changes in their previous foster family’s life, they needed a new placement. We were happy to have them back. This time for a little over six months. They returned to the care of their mother.
  8. Carl
  9. Stacy
  10. Tracy – Carl, Stacy, and Tracy – a set of siblings. Beautiful children. Tracy had extreme medical needs as she was a preemie. When Tracy arrived in our home, she was on oxygen 24/7, had an apnea monitor, would turn blue all the time, had about a dozen different medications. They stayed for approximately 8 months before being reunited with their parents and two other siblings.
  11. Adam – Adam and Eva are siblings. Adam and Eva stayed with us for a couple of weeks together when Eva was only 10 months old. I was unable to care for them long term because I was caring for newborn, Katie and I was newly pregnant with Benjamin. A long term home was found, but they needed some time to get their home ready to welcome two toddlers, so that was the service I provided.
  12. Eva – was with us again for a couple of months while paperwork was completed for her Forever Family. She and her two brothers are together again!
  13. Derek – another respite situation. Foster family needed to travel and the child was unable to travel with them.

Of course we have pets too. They are great therapists for the foster children.

  1. Sundae – a 6 year old mixed breed mutt. We were told she was a Cocker Spaniel and Chihuahua mix. I think NOT. She weighs approximately 50 lbs.
  2. Colby – a 5 year old Black American Cocker Spaniel. Crazy hyper, perma-puppy (he quit growing at six months old).
  3. Bell – our 6 year old Gold Capped Conure. She joined our family on New Year’s Eve 2007 – just a few weeks before Katie joined our family.

We used to have some guinea pigs, but no one wanted to clean their cage. We found a little girl with Asperger’s Syndrome that loved animals and wanted guinea pigs. They lead a very spoiled life with her!

When I’m not chasing and cleaning up after children and animals, I enjoy digital scrapbooking. I participate on the Creative Teams for a couple of designers currently. I also enjoy Photography and am participating in Project 365 for the third year – maybe this year, I’ll actually take a picture every single day. *EDIT: Ummm.. yeah, well, I’ll have to try again in 2011 – unless of course I start again tomorrow. Every day I try… that’s what matters.

I also read and crochet. I would like to do these more, but then I couldn’t blog!

I love to write. I love to talk. Blogging is like breathing for me.

That’s me in a nutshell. Hmm… shouldn’t that be Nuthouse?? LOL