As wives and mothers, we all need a moment to pat ourselves (and others) on the back, give a high-five, and just otherwise brag a little. Small Success at Faith & Family Live is our chance to do just that!

1. Found a couple of tools that might help me get past my “writer’s block” and help me blog more regularly. Check out Oh Life! and Plinky. Different but very useful.

2. Has a plan for making a birthday present for DD-7’s little friend. Party in one week. Hoping next week to post photos about the process and the finished project! This sort of goes with #1 – more blog material!

3. We had and survived our first home visit with our ADOPTION WORKER! We are so excited. After fostering our little for two and a half years, she has finally been freed for adoption. The adoption shouldn’t take too long or be too complicated – but the next rest of her life could be a bumpy ride – but she’s SO worth it! Cannot wait to show you pictures of her beautiful smile… but for now, we have to wait just a little longer.

Now that you’ve all read my small successes, which in reality may not be so small now that I look them – and so much more I could have added to the list for this week! Oh well… more writing material for another day! 🙂 Maybe the writer’s block is now cured?!?

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