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I used Little Graduate by Kate Hadfield to make the above layout. I also used some papers by Michelle Godin from some retired kits of hers.

This is the first layout I’ve done in a while that I can share. I have been scrapping – just a lot of layouts with my foster kids in them. Our new addition is adjusting. It’s got to be tough being an only child when you’re home with your mom and then getting put into a family where you’re “in the middle” with two older and three younger than yourself.



It’s that time of the week again where we get to pick a few of our favorite small successes from the past week.

1. Added a new member to the family on Friday in the form of an adorable 5 year old red-headed energetic, dramatic, imaginative girl joining us through the trials and tribulations of foster care.

2. Managed to keep “Mount Foldmore" limited to a single laundry basket! Now to figure out how to tackle “Mount Wannabeputaway”. I just keep saying a prayer I found on Embracing Motherhood by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle. It’s helping me get through.

3. I think I have come to accept the fact that Summer Vacation for the kids is coming (officially starts after school tomorrow). I have also pinpointed why exactly I do not like the Summer break. Knowing is half the battle, right? In knowing, I can, hopefully, take some steps to keep myself from “losing it”.

I hope you’ll join myself and others at Faith & Family Live to share your own Small Successes – or at least read more! 🙂 Click the image at the top to get taken there!


Hosted by Peggy, Please click the image above or her name to visit her blog to read other Daybooks or information to join in.

Outside my window… clear, sunny skies, a steady breeze, approximately 80 F. Why exactly am I still in the house? Oh, yeah – the kids are outside playing and being loud!
I am thinking… it is going to be long summer break – and it hasn’t even started yet. I love my kids, but I will miss my solitude.
I am thankful for… a great neighborhood and a fenced in yard and neighbors that help keep an eye out for the kids. 
From the kitchen… I am struggling for an idea for dinner tonight. I have made menu plans complete with shopping lists and as always the shopping does not get done according to the lists so I am left to wing it. Again.
I am wearing… a comfortable pair of denim capris that were handed-down to me from my husband’s cousin. They’re starting to get a little loose… cool. These are paired with my oversize super comfortable baby blue 4th Degree Knights of Columbus polo my hubby bought for me at the last Exeplification we attended.
I am creating… scrapbook pages. In order to create scrapbook pages, we need to create memories as a family. My pages in the near future will be about our newest foster care addition to the family.
I am going… no where fast. LOL I am currently trapped in laundry purgatory, not sure everything will ever get clean.
I am reading… Unlikely Spiritual Heroes… yep, still. I miss placed it. Found it last night. Hope to finish it by next week.
I am hoping… our newest addition to the family adjusts well and the pleasantness continues. She came in and blended in so quickly!
I am hearing… the humm of the washer and dryer and they do their dance and muffled sounds of children screaming and laughing in the back yard.
Around the house… we are in transition. Adding a new member to the family is always a major undertaking. I think it’s worse when the children leave.
One of my favorite things… my iPhone. My calendar, my contacts, my music, basically everything I ever need in one handy little device! I even have an app for my prayer life!
A few plans for the rest of the week: Keep working on the laundry situation. Pack up the out of season clothing – donate the outgrown clothing.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing…


Busy Day with 6 Kids – including a PARADE! Hoping for some great photos!

RECALL ALERT: McDonald’s Shrek glasses:


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