For the last couple of weeks, life in our home hasn’t been the same. We had a big power outage follwed by some surges which eventually killed our Wii. Then our cable and Internet provider started having problems. I miss my EWTN and the kids miss seeing Nick, Jr. and Playhouse Disney clearly. We also miss our all children’s programming PBS channel.

The Cable Company is coming today. I am going to insist they replace the line from their pole to my home. With any luck, the crew will arrive to bury the line within a few days. The last time we had to have the line replaced, our neighbor chopped it with his weed whacker, the new line was across our backyard for six months before it got buried.

Every time the cable company comes I pray things go better than when we had our cable Internet installed. The not-so-educated installer drilled a whole into my floor which tore my carpeting to shreds and hit the main trunk of electric wiring for half of my house leaving me with no electricity, no water, and no heating or cooling for over a week. It took that long for the cable company to come inspect the damage and agree to pay for the repairs. Once we got the O.K. to hire an electrician, the repairs were made the very next day!

It stinks that companies think they can treat their customers this way. Scarier is the fact that in most areas of the U.S.A. where cable service is available most people do NOT have a choice of company. I did not think monopolies were allowed here! Thankfully, we do have a choice – but not without some sacrifices, which are being to sound worth it to not have to deal with the BIG cable company anymore.