HomeRoutinesAppIcon Just have to share a little about this great new app for my iPhone/iPod Touch that I found.

It’s called HomeRoutines (linked to the iTunes store). Visit the HomeRoutines website and check it out in greater detail.

I have tried several, I’m not kidding apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch to help me maintain my home. I even tried making lists and things in my preferred calendar/task management software on my desktop computer. This is so much better. It’s right there, in my pocket. I do not have to sit down at the computer to check my list! That was my biggest problem with using Outlook or AnyTime Deluxe – I had to sit down at the computer to check them… then I go sucked in because I was right there I would feel compelled to check in on Facebook or Twitter real quickly.

This app speaks the language of FlyLady, while not FlyLady endorsed, it works beautifully. For you HabitHackers, it will likely work for you too!

The price tag is a little heftier than I ordinarily spend for an app… but the screen shots blew me away. Yes, I have wasted lots of money on lesser apps with obviously lesser satisfaction. While those apps met part of my needs, they just didn’t quite “do the trick.”

Note: I was NOT asked to review this product. I spent MY OWN MONEY and purchased this app. I have not received any compensation whatsoever for offering this review. I just plain liked this app well enough to want to share… and that doesn’t happen every day. Watch for future reviews of my other favorite apps!