Fifteen years ago today (@ 9:47 PM to be exact) I became a mommy to a real baby for the first time! My, My, MY! How time flies!

Just yesterday, I was a scared new mom while the doctors and nurses worked feverishly to figure out why you would not cry. Those first few hours of motherhood were wrought with worry – trust me, the worries continue.

Yesterday, he brought home the application to take driver’s education this summer. YIKES!

Some where along the way, my baby grew up!

1995-05-11 New Parents

1995-05-12 Christopher






The road is bumpy right now – he’s our first teenager! As parents, we are navigating this territory for the first time (of many). As our child, Christopher is going through *his* teens for the first and only time. Hopefully what we learn now will help us when our daughter reaches her teen years.

Be patient, Bud – we’re learning too!

We love you!

Happy Birthday!