Happy Mother’s Day!!

I’m still feeling really down about my doctor’s visit this past Friday. But I am definitely not wallowing in it… I’m taking action.

I walked two miles after dinner today. This may not seem like a big deal, but I was running a couple of weeks ago when my shin splints decided to flare up really bad. I’m out on the pavement walking. I will continue to walk this week. I hope to add some jogging in next week.

I would have done a lot better in the nutrition department today – BUT – our church did a Mother’s Day breakfast. Probably shouldn’t have had the equivalent of 2 1/2 eggs scrambled. But I made up for it the rest of the day – fruit, veggies, and yogurt! YAY, Me!!

I quit drinking soda and anything containing caffiene on Monday, May 1… so far so good there! 🙂 I think that will be the thing that helps me the most.

I’ll weigh in tomorrow for the first time since starting this new stuff. I’m hoping the scale gives me the report I want. If not, I will not get discouraged! I can’t.

I – need – to – do – this!!