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1. Finally called the cable company about all of our various problems. They are slowly being addressed… at no charge to me because the problems are with their equipment.

2. This one is a HUGE success for me – I have crossed the goal of 10 pounds lost! Finally! Now to set another weight loss & fitness goal.

3. Got my iPhone and iTunes in sync with each other since getting my new computer. I got the computer for Christmas. I was dreading syncing iTunes and my iPhone because of “music file location issues”. I bit the bullet this week and did it!

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For the last couple of weeks, life in our home hasn’t been the same. We had a big power outage follwed by some surges which eventually killed our Wii. Then our cable and Internet provider started having problems. I miss my EWTN and the kids miss seeing Nick, Jr. and Playhouse Disney clearly. We also miss our all children’s programming PBS channel.

The Cable Company is coming today. I am going to insist they replace the line from their pole to my home. With any luck, the crew will arrive to bury the line within a few days. The last time we had to have the line replaced, our neighbor chopped it with his weed whacker, the new line was across our backyard for six months before it got buried.

Every time the cable company comes I pray things go better than when we had our cable Internet installed. The not-so-educated installer drilled a whole into my floor which tore my carpeting to shreds and hit the main trunk of electric wiring for half of my house leaving me with no electricity, no water, and no heating or cooling for over a week. It took that long for the cable company to come inspect the damage and agree to pay for the repairs. Once we got the O.K. to hire an electrician, the repairs were made the very next day!

It stinks that companies think they can treat their customers this way. Scarier is the fact that in most areas of the U.S.A. where cable service is available most people do NOT have a choice of company. I did not think monopolies were allowed here! Thankfully, we do have a choice – but not without some sacrifices, which are being to sound worth it to not have to deal with the BIG cable company anymore.

HomeRoutinesAppIcon Just have to share a little about this great new app for my iPhone/iPod Touch that I found.

It’s called HomeRoutines (linked to the iTunes store). Visit the HomeRoutines website and check it out in greater detail.

I have tried several, I’m not kidding apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch to help me maintain my home. I even tried making lists and things in my preferred calendar/task management software on my desktop computer. This is so much better. It’s right there, in my pocket. I do not have to sit down at the computer to check my list! That was my biggest problem with using Outlook or AnyTime Deluxe – I had to sit down at the computer to check them… then I go sucked in because I was right there I would feel compelled to check in on Facebook or Twitter real quickly.

This app speaks the language of FlyLady, while not FlyLady endorsed, it works beautifully. For you HabitHackers, it will likely work for you too!

The price tag is a little heftier than I ordinarily spend for an app… but the screen shots blew me away. Yes, I have wasted lots of money on lesser apps with obviously lesser satisfaction. While those apps met part of my needs, they just didn’t quite “do the trick.”

Note: I was NOT asked to review this product. I spent MY OWN MONEY and purchased this app. I have not received any compensation whatsoever for offering this review. I just plain liked this app well enough to want to share… and that doesn’t happen every day. Watch for future reviews of my other favorite apps!

Or maybe I should *BE* committed!

I just signed the registration forms for my son and MYSELF to run a 5K on June 12 in a benefit run for our local theatre. It burnt down a few years ago and the Owosso Community Players have been raising money to have the Lebowsky Center rebuilt.

I also signed the forms for my son and MYSELF for another 5K run on the 4th of July. The Firecracker 5K. I love the name… I hope the T-shirts are just as cool as the name.

I’m freaked out about this. I’m not sure if I’m ready.

I guess if I have to walk some of it, I have to walk some of it…

I will be ok.

My @sneakychef cookbooks arrived – hubby got them for me for Mother’s Day! Cannot wait to trick my family into eating their veggies!!

Fifteen years ago today (@ 9:47 PM to be exact) I became a mommy to a real baby for the first time! My, My, MY! How time flies!

Just yesterday, I was a scared new mom while the doctors and nurses worked feverishly to figure out why you would not cry. Those first few hours of motherhood were wrought with worry – trust me, the worries continue.

Yesterday, he brought home the application to take driver’s education this summer. YIKES!

Some where along the way, my baby grew up!

1995-05-11 New Parents

1995-05-12 Christopher






The road is bumpy right now – he’s our first teenager! As parents, we are navigating this territory for the first time (of many). As our child, Christopher is going through *his* teens for the first and only time. Hopefully what we learn now will help us when our daughter reaches her teen years.

Be patient, Bud – we’re learning too!

We love you!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

I’m still feeling really down about my doctor’s visit this past Friday. But I am definitely not wallowing in it… I’m taking action.

I walked two miles after dinner today. This may not seem like a big deal, but I was running a couple of weeks ago when my shin splints decided to flare up really bad. I’m out on the pavement walking. I will continue to walk this week. I hope to add some jogging in next week.

I would have done a lot better in the nutrition department today – BUT – our church did a Mother’s Day breakfast. Probably shouldn’t have had the equivalent of 2 1/2 eggs scrambled. But I made up for it the rest of the day – fruit, veggies, and yogurt! YAY, Me!!

I quit drinking soda and anything containing caffiene on Monday, May 1… so far so good there! 🙂 I think that will be the thing that helps me the most.

I’ll weigh in tomorrow for the first time since starting this new stuff. I’m hoping the scale gives me the report I want. If not, I will not get discouraged! I can’t.

I – need – to – do – this!!

Yesterday, I waxed on about how I had an appointment with my doctor for a physical and how much I was dreading it. Turned out, that with my husband by my side it really wasn’t that bad. Made the yucky stuff a little easier to hear and talk about.

My cholesterol is HIGH. Not so high that I need medication right now. Dietary changes are definitely in order. More exercise would also be beneficial.

My blood pressure was also a little on the high side. Not as high as at my appointment with another doctor on Monday, but still high. This is not OK. Again, dietary changes and more exercise would be appropriate for handling the situation right now.

No surprise, my BMI (body mass index) is a bit on the high side. I landed in the low end of the obese zone. Not exactly the place I want to be.

I’m getting serious about making some lifestyle changes. I *need* to make better dietary choices. This is not going to be easy. My children are going to lose many of their beloved favorite foods/meals. Mac & Cheese, for one, is no longer going to be a staple in this house. It is going to become a favorite food reserved for special occasions.

After much prayer and debate with myself and discussion with my darling husband. We decided it was time for me to bring up the topic of depression and/or PMDD (pre menstrual dysphoric disorder) with the doctor. I did talk about it some with my OB/GYN last year, he suggested some vitamins and supplements and recommended exercise. I did those things to the best of my ability… no surprise, I came up short. Not for lack of trying… just distracted and unless I was in “that phase”, I didn’t think too much about it. I will hopefully start a medication soon to help with the depression/PMDD. There was fiasco with the prescription being called in to the pharmacy. Will get it fixed on Monday. I decided, finally, that it is in fact OK for me to ask for help – and if that help comes in the form of medication, that’s ok too.

My husband and children deserve to have a wife & mother that is level headed and stable. I’m hoping that with the treatment of these things that my energy will come back and I will feel like “ME” again. *I* have been missing for so long…

I’m trying to get my mind off of the fact that I have to go to my doctor today for a physical. Yes, yes, I know… it’s good for me. But – ACK! My blood pressure is up just thinking about it. Funny thing, saw my OB/GYN for my annual exam with him on Monday – no sweat, wasn’t worried – but the blood pressure was still up. Hmm… “white coat anxiety” or am I developing high blood pressure like my biological mother, Barb? Also dreading the cholesterol results. The last time I got that checked, I was in my late teens – it wasn’t good.

Ok, happier topics… at least for a bit.

It’s Fab Friday at ScrapArtist and we all know that means items marked WAY down! Today is no different.

The Wild Hearts Elements by PixelWorks are the cutest! Get this… they are only $1.00 today! Here’s the preview…


Here’s what I did with them…

ADSR5_Challenge12_WildCard-FINAL Did these during ADSR for a Hybrid challenge – we needed to make a Card and Envelope. Never did get this printed out so I could actually use it. Maybe one of these days, I’ll figure out why my laser printer and my PC won’t play nice with each other.

As you may have read, I have been suffering from bad headaches recently. Unfortunately, this means scrapping has taken a back seat because I seriously cannot look at the computer monitor for that long. I also cannot stand or move around much. Honestly, I think the headaches have something to do with the pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder. We’ll see. I really do not want to tell the doctor about *every thing* that is going on, but if I don’t – well, I just probably will not get better. My kids and my husband deserve to have me whole and healthy.

Here’s hoping everyone having to do with my medical care can take payments and not send us to collection if I forget to mail the check!

Wish me luck! Prayers welcomed! Thank you! I’ll update tomorrow… maybe.

Why does the chocolate part of Neapolitan ice cream disappear before the vanilla or the strawberry???


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