As you may recall, I have used this meme before my move to WordPress. I’ve decided I need to bring it back. My self-esteem is suffering lately – or maybe I just misplaced it in all of this clutter and chaos. I am hoping I will be able to use these posts as a booster shot of sorts to get me feeling a little better when I need it.

1.  Caught up, for the most part, on the laundry! This isn’t just a small success for me – this is a huge victory requiring some celebratory dancing. It’s a long story – let’s just say that I am happy to report that I think I can keep the laundry beast tamed from here on out.

2. Have our home almost totally ready for our Foster Care License renewal inspection. Just a few last minute things I’d like to get taken care of today before the licensing specialist arrives tomorrow afternoon.

3. Have survived the majority of Spring Break without pulling my hair out… or raising my voice too often. My mood swings have been vicious lately and will addressed with my doctor soon. I have managed to overcome them and keep my calm, more often than not.

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