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That’s {inter}National Scrapbooking Day for those that don’t know!

I’m just so incredibly inspired by all the wonderful goodies, deals, challenges, chats, crops, and give-aways out in digi-land this weekend.

I am incredibly privileged to be on the Creative Teams for a couple of very talented designers this month.

I have been on PixelWorks (Michelle Godin’s) CT for quite some time. I preview-graphicpatterns200[1]CT’d for her when she first started out. I was using her designs when she was only putting out occasional freebies on her blog. She has grown, her style is ever evolving – but I can always find a way to use her stuff, so versatile. Please take a look at her store at ScrapArtist. She has FAB.U.LOUS. new stuffs releasing this weekend! And today (Friday) her  Graphic Patterns paper pack is on sale for just $1 – One Dollar – One Buck – One Smakaroo… that’s a DEAL! Watch for a layout from me soon using these papers!

The other designer I have the honor of working with this month is Kate Hadfield at The LilyPad. Kate does the most fabulous doodles! See my post yesterday for the new things she has out right now. Watch tomorrow for a special new collab release from Kate. I’ll show off my layout with the kit tomorrow. Yep, because I am CTing for Kate this month, I got the collab in advance of release to work with. Fun Major!

And finally, here’s a give-away for you to all check out from The Sassy Pepper. They are currently giving away Gina Miller’s Bitty Baby Photo Shop Actions. Check this post for details and check out Gina’s fabulous actions and other digiscrap products at her LilyPad Shoppe.


So I started a guest CT position with Kate Hadfield for the month of May. She put us straight to work this week so she would have layouts for her new releases this week and iNSD! I can now show you a couple of the things I have been working… but first, I’m going to show you the loveliness I was privileged to work with!

_khadfield_sketchbookpages2[1]  _khadfield_splashtasticalpha[1]  _khadfield_islandparadise[2]

*images are clickable and will take you to the store* I was provided complimentary copies of these items in exchange for using and promoting them.

Here is what I did with them…


Hubby needed a new mug insert. He decided that it wasn’t Easter anymore! LOL So, this is what I came up with. I hope he likes it! I’ll let you know what he thinks when he sees it later today.

Then I did the following layout featuring my Mary Ann from Summer 2007 – love, love, love this photo of her…


Did I mention how much I love that photo? Because I love that photo so much, I love this layout!

More goodness coming soon!!

I emailed one of my favorite digi scrap designers because my son’s reaction to her recent release was worth sharing. I also mentioned that I dreamed of CTing for her!

We exchanged a few emails…

I was offered a guest CT position for May 2010!

I cannot wait to start showing you all the fabulous goodies by Kate Hadfield!

I’ve already started working with her products and am having a ton of fun! I’ll be able to show you those later this week. I hope I will get the chance to work with some of Kate’s older products too!

In other news, I’m a lucky, lucky scrapping gal! I won a seat in the 25 Templates of Summer class at ReneePearson.Com. I am so excited! I love to scrap with templates and Tiffany’s templates are FAB.U.LOUS!

Rough night last night with my youngest. I’m heading back to bed.

I double #digiscrap DARE you!

Tempted to turn on the AC – need to cool off the house so we can sleep!

To run among the Tulips or not? #5K



1. We survived our annual Foster Care License Renewal inspection – only one small problem, which has been addressed. Our hot water heater was set a little too hot. Foster Care rules require 120°F. Which just feels downright chilly to me when I’m washing dishes. Just need to have our regular worker recheck. 

2. The children have successfully (almost) completed their first week back to school from Spring Break. Only a few minor glitches. Next week should be a lot smoother, we’ll be back into our routines.

3. I ran my fastest 5K yesterday. I injured my left calf muscle during a run in February. Yesterday was only my second real run since then. I ran a total of 4 Miles (1/2 mile warm up jog and 1/2 mile cool down jog)

Go to Faith & Family Live! to see more Small Successes or to join in!

Outside my window…

Cloudy – no chance of meatballs! LOL

I am thinking…

I really should get off of the computer and do something more productive with my day.

I am thankful for…

Benjamin’s “open mouth” kisses. It’s so sweet that he likes to kiss everyone, now he just needs to learn how to pucker up!

From the kitchen…

Macaroni & Cheese for dinner… A.G.A.I.N. *groan* My four year old former Hoover of a child has suddenly become a very predictable creature – Cheerios for breakfast, PB&J for lunch, and he wants Mac & Cheese for dinner. If the menu deviates from these items he says, “Yuck. I no like it.” Hmmm….

I am wearing…

Comfy jeans and an old maternity top with my over sized fleece hoodie. I got chilled during a shower today and no matter how hard I’ve tried, I cannot get warm.

I am creating…

a mountain of work to do for myself tomorrow. Due to the catching of the aforementioned chill, it has been a most unproductive day.

I am going…

No where. Although, now that we are off of Spring Break, I do go daily to pick my high schooler up from Track practice.

One of my favorite things…

The printed and bound Motivated Moms planner a friend made for me as a birthday gift.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Yesterday, our Early-On specialist came to the house. It was a fun appointment. Benjamin was comedic. Miss Jaime and I laughed and laughed. It was a very good thing.

Tomorrow was supposed to be my Simple Woman’s Daybook entry, but I didn’t have Tasty Tuesday post ready for today. Maybe I’ll get that ready tomorrow for next week.


As you may recall, I have used this meme before my move to WordPress. I’ve decided I need to bring it back. My self-esteem is suffering lately – or maybe I just misplaced it in all of this clutter and chaos. I am hoping I will be able to use these posts as a booster shot of sorts to get me feeling a little better when I need it.

1.  Caught up, for the most part, on the laundry! This isn’t just a small success for me – this is a huge victory requiring some celebratory dancing. It’s a long story – let’s just say that I am happy to report that I think I can keep the laundry beast tamed from here on out.

2. Have our home almost totally ready for our Foster Care License renewal inspection. Just a few last minute things I’d like to get taken care of today before the licensing specialist arrives tomorrow afternoon.

3. Have survived the majority of Spring Break without pulling my hair out… or raising my voice too often. My mood swings have been vicious lately and will addressed with my doctor soon. I have managed to overcome them and keep my calm, more often than not.

Go to Faith & Family Live to check out more Small Successes or to find out more on how to join in!


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