My leg and ankle that I injured in early February started feeling better a while back. Life is settling back down, time to get my fitness/health back on track.

My parents gave me some cash for my birthday last week. It’s spent! Last weekend I got myself EA Sports Active for the Wii. Today was Day 2 – I’ve finished the workout and I’m feeling pretty good! I’m not sweating buckets or anything, but I definitely feel like I got up and moved. Not like yesterday – I set it for light intensity, nothing, didn’t feel a thing. Tomorrow is a rest day for that program.

I’m thinking I’ll dust off the treadmill and go for a gentle 5K jog. Make sure my ankle and leg are better.

Patrick and I have our annual physicals in about a month. I would like for my weight to be down and to be in better shape by then. That’s why this 30 Day Challenge is perfect!