A couple of weeks ago, I signed on with The Catholic Company to become an official reviewer of books and other Catholic products for them.  This means they send me a book or product for free in exchange for my time and honest review.

Real life, matters of life and death, prevented me from actually completing my first assignment until now.

I started reading Wisdom For Everyday Life From The Book Of Revelation by Fr. Richard Veras.

WOW! I never really understood the symbolism and dramatic imagery in The Book of Revelation before. A lamb with seven eyes? Seven Lamps?

I have only made it through three chapters as Fr. Veras gives very thorough yet simple and easily understood explanations of what is happening in the Book of Revelation and how it applies to our world, our community, and our very individual lives. His explanations for the symbolism and imagery are superb. His writing style felt almost conversational, like sitting with a friend having a deep, philosophical discussion.

Now, not only is the Book of Revelation coming into focus, but the rest of the Bible as well!

The book has given me much to contemplate during the 2010 Lenten Season. I look forward to finishing the book in the near future! I do want to give it proper time to digest though. Look for Part 2 of this review ā€“ Coming to this blog ā€“ SOON!