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This week is Mary Ann’s week to be the Star Student for her classroom at school.

We made a “poster” to hang in the hallway, by request.

I made three 13 inch by 19 inch digital scrapbook layouts and then taped them together to make a long skinny poster – it’s taller than Mary Ann!

Here is panel #1


Here is panel #2


Here is panel #3


These were made using Wear A Flower In Your Hair Papers, Elements, and Alpha by PixelWorks. These products are available for purchase at ScrapArtist


Lately I have been spending a lot of time in my van. Carting the kids places, fetching the kids from other places, especially track practice. Christopher is on the track team.

Today, my view is nothing more than I can see from my bed. The muscles of my back are on rebellion. The “spasms” are painful, crying just intensifies them. Instead, I “offer it up”.

I am reading and praying. Maybe I’ll take a nap.

I had a longer post written, but the Word Press App for iPhone ate it. Oh well.

I’ll post again soon.

My leg and ankle that I injured in early February started feeling better a while back. Life is settling back down, time to get my fitness/health back on track.

My parents gave me some cash for my birthday last week. It’s spent! Last weekend I got myself EA Sports Active for the Wii. Today was Day 2 – I’ve finished the workout and I’m feeling pretty good! I’m not sweating buckets or anything, but I definitely feel like I got up and moved. Not like yesterday – I set it for light intensity, nothing, didn’t feel a thing. Tomorrow is a rest day for that program.

I’m thinking I’ll dust off the treadmill and go for a gentle 5K jog. Make sure my ankle and leg are better.

Patrick and I have our annual physicals in about a month. I would like for my weight to be down and to be in better shape by then. That’s why this 30 Day Challenge is perfect!


A couple of weeks ago, I signed on with The Catholic Company to become an official reviewer of books and other Catholic products for them.  This means they send me a book or product for free in exchange for my time and honest review.

Real life, matters of life and death, prevented me from actually completing my first assignment until now.

I started reading Wisdom For Everyday Life From The Book Of Revelation by Fr. Richard Veras.

WOW! I never really understood the symbolism and dramatic imagery in The Book of Revelation before. A lamb with seven eyes? Seven Lamps?

I have only made it through three chapters as Fr. Veras gives very thorough yet simple and easily understood explanations of what is happening in the Book of Revelation and how it applies to our world, our community, and our very individual lives. His explanations for the symbolism and imagery are superb. His writing style felt almost conversational, like sitting with a friend having a deep, philosophical discussion.

Now, not only is the Book of Revelation coming into focus, but the rest of the Bible as well!

The book has given me much to contemplate during the 2010 Lenten Season. I look forward to finishing the book in the near future! I do want to give it proper time to digest though. Look for Part 2 of this review – Coming to this blog – SOON!

WOW! I decided to tackle life head on and get the most out of it – apparently life did not like that idea and hit back, HARD!

St. Valentine’s Day – while trying to not get sucked into all of the commercialism and junk, our family got horrible news. My husband’s cousin, Jimmy committed suicide. I could rant and rave about how selfish and cowardly suicide is, but I will not. I just pray for Jimmy’s soul and ask my faithful friends to do the same.

Funerals are never a happy/fun time – even less so when it is a tragic unexpected death of someone so young. Patrick and I made the decision to not take our five children to Jimmy’s funeral. Maybe it would have cheered some people up, but Jimmy left behind five young children (the youngest is 5 months old).

While at the funeral luncheon, the patriarch of the family received an emergency call on his cell phone, his mother – the matriarch of the family was being rushed to the emergency room. The next day, she was moved to a hospice for her remaining days. The beginning of her life forever at home with our Lord was coming, soon.

Fast forward through a lot of praying to her passing from this life into the next… My husband stopped by the hospice on his way to work. He realized she was going to go soon and called into work. Grandma passed away peacefully at Noon – she had a lunch date with her husband and Jesus!

This past Monday (3/1) was the funeral for my children’s great-grandmother, Rita. I scanned and printed more photos in the past week… in that process I heard a lot of really awesome family stories.

I was hoping to spend yesterday (3/2) my birthday – catching my breath. My parents called and invited me to lunch. I was so looking forward to eating at the local Irish Family Restaurant. Plans changed when not five minutes before my parents arrived to my home the secretary from the high school called. “We have Christopher here in the office. He is not feeling well and would like to come home.”


Christopher has a fever.

Some time during the night, Mary Ann threw up a few times.

I have two children home sick from school. So, I will not be catching my breath today either. I’m holding it! Throw up stinks!! YUCK! EWWW!!! My washer and dryer have been running non-stop. I will have to sanitize the bathroom again (I seem to be doing that every few hours). Dishes have to be washed and put away immediately. I will not let the germs sit around to multiply and get me sick! (Knock on wood – cross my fingers – lots of prayers for good health to stay with me)

So, if I disappear again for a while…

I warned you!

I’ll catch you all up on the fabulous books I have been reading and the Amazing Digi Scrap Race: Season 5 layouts that I have gotten done. Maybe a few photos too.

Right now – I need to go clean something, again!


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