2010-02-03_1013 I *heart* running! I think I’m addicted. No, I *KNOW* I am addicted. I recovered my normal heart rate and breathing much more quickly today!

Here’s my Nike+ Mini. I love her! I hate it when she stands still and plays paddleball!!

With the upload of my run this morning, I moved from Yellow Level to Orange Level at Nike.Com! I’m so excited. All this means basically is that I have logged 30+ Miles using a Nike+ Sensor in my Nike+ Shoes using the Nike + iPod app on my iPod Touch.

I also track my runs at MapMyFitness.Com. Most of my runs tracked there are treadmill runs. I provided the data from the treadmill in my logs.

Here is today’s run data:


Notice how the background color is orange now? We had better get used to it, it will be the color until I reach 155 Miles logged with Nike. That could be a while… although, if I push for three miles a day it won’t take very long at all! The next color level is Green (155-620 Miles). I have a feeling I’ll be a Green Runner for a LONG time.

The little white circles with dips in my speed are where I needed to pause my workout due to a crying baby or a ringing telephone. This morning was not easy.

*Curiosity got the best of me – Going to chart ALL of my runs somehow.* I’ll share with you tomorrow, hopefully.