It seems I have fallen off of the Photo-A-Day wagon, again. I’ll have to make a better effort starting tomorrow.

I started running again. Yep, I’d fallen off of that wagon too.

Picked myself up.

Dusted myself off.

Started running.

Saturday I ran almost 5 miles. Sunday I did not run, I could barely walk! That’s what I get for not running for weeks and then jumping in with a distance unlike any other I had ever run before!

Monday (2-1) I ran 5 miles. Did a core strengthening workout and felt this intense need to run again… So I ran another 3 miles. Decided it was time to get out the Nike+ Sensor and start tracking at Nike+ again.

Here’s the Nike+ Image for the 3 mile run…


Tuesday (2-2 Today) I ran 3.1 Miles (5K) I am feeling a need to run again, but since I’m feeling good, no pain, no aches – I think I’ll just push for more distance tomorrow… I’m scheduled for a 5K (3.1 Mile) run tomorrow with the Nike+ 10K Coaching Program.

Here’s the image of today’s run.


Since I’m running again and to keep myself motivated, I joined a bunch of challenges at the Nike+ Running Site.

2010 Guys Vs. Gals – A classic battle of guys versus girls for the most miles in 2010.

Help For Haiti – All runners mileage combined to equal 100,000 miles by 2/22/2010 and Nike will donate $100K to Haiti.

My Mommy Runs! – A bunch of Moms competing against each other for most mileage from 02/02/2010 – 03/04/2010

– I also joined a Birth Year Challenge and a Zodiac Challenge and US vs. Europe Challenge. I have no prayer of winning these things. Just fun stuff to keep me motivated.