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My best friend, Kristie, signed us up to participate again this year. Last year was our first ADSR. It was a funfilled adventure. I will say I think I am a better scrapper for it.

Challenge #1 – Introduce us to your ADSR Partner using a scraplift of one of their layouts.

I am happy to report my layout is complete! I lifted Kristie’s “Day At the Beach



– Papers and Elements from Sunshine by Suzy Q Scraps from The Digi Files February 2010 available from The Daily Digi.

– Some photos were processed using Photoshop Actions by The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) and are available from her blog.

– Fonts: Title uses 2Peas Gone Postal; Journaling uses CK Blessed and CK Frosting

– Journaling reads:

Kristie and I met in 2004 thanks to a state email group for people using the FlyLady System. Lots of emails for the remainder of 2004. In 2005, we graduated to telephone calls. After only a few calls, my family drove three hours to her house… my three children (including an eight week old baby) and two dogs. Brave soul!

Kristie introduced me to digital scrapbooking in February 2005. I have been addicted ever since.

We’ve been there for each other through thick and thin these past six years. WOW! Six years already!

I am truly blessed to have found such a wonderful true and loyal friend. She’s a patient mother, an inspiring photographer, and a dedicated postal worker. I am happy to call her my BEST friend.


When I run, I am either hyper focused on my pace, my stride, and my breathing or my mind totally wanders.

Today my mind wandered.

Today I was not happy with my run performance.


Tomorrow is scheduled to be a day of rest, but I was supposed to run five miles for the training program I am on today. I did not make it the five miles. Should I make another attempt at it tomorrow? Or should I take the day of rest and press for the five miles on my next run day (which is a shorter distance)?

For those that must know, I did run yesterday…


2010-02-03_1013 I *heart* running! I think I’m addicted. No, I *KNOW* I am addicted. I recovered my normal heart rate and breathing much more quickly today!

Here’s my Nike+ Mini. I love her! I hate it when she stands still and plays paddleball!!

With the upload of my run this morning, I moved from Yellow Level to Orange Level at Nike.Com! I’m so excited. All this means basically is that I have logged 30+ Miles using a Nike+ Sensor in my Nike+ Shoes using the Nike + iPod app on my iPod Touch.

I also track my runs at MapMyFitness.Com. Most of my runs tracked there are treadmill runs. I provided the data from the treadmill in my logs.

Here is today’s run data:


Notice how the background color is orange now? We had better get used to it, it will be the color until I reach 155 Miles logged with Nike. That could be a while… although, if I push for three miles a day it won’t take very long at all! The next color level is Green (155-620 Miles). I have a feeling I’ll be a Green Runner for a LONG time.

The little white circles with dips in my speed are where I needed to pause my workout due to a crying baby or a ringing telephone. This morning was not easy.

*Curiosity got the best of me – Going to chart ALL of my runs somehow.* I’ll share with you tomorrow, hopefully.

It seems I have fallen off of the Photo-A-Day wagon, again. I’ll have to make a better effort starting tomorrow.

I started running again. Yep, I’d fallen off of that wagon too.

Picked myself up.

Dusted myself off.

Started running.

Saturday I ran almost 5 miles. Sunday I did not run, I could barely walk! That’s what I get for not running for weeks and then jumping in with a distance unlike any other I had ever run before!

Monday (2-1) I ran 5 miles. Did a core strengthening workout and felt this intense need to run again… So I ran another 3 miles. Decided it was time to get out the Nike+ Sensor and start tracking at Nike+ again.

Here’s the Nike+ Image for the 3 mile run…


Tuesday (2-2 Today) I ran 3.1 Miles (5K) I am feeling a need to run again, but since I’m feeling good, no pain, no aches – I think I’ll just push for more distance tomorrow… I’m scheduled for a 5K (3.1 Mile) run tomorrow with the Nike+ 10K Coaching Program.

Here’s the image of today’s run.


Since I’m running again and to keep myself motivated, I joined a bunch of challenges at the Nike+ Running Site.

2010 Guys Vs. Gals – A classic battle of guys versus girls for the most miles in 2010.

Help For Haiti – All runners mileage combined to equal 100,000 miles by 2/22/2010 and Nike will donate $100K to Haiti.

My Mommy Runs! – A bunch of Moms competing against each other for most mileage from 02/02/2010 – 03/04/2010

– I also joined a Birth Year Challenge and a Zodiac Challenge and US vs. Europe Challenge. I have no prayer of winning these things. Just fun stuff to keep me motivated.


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