I can breathe again. Foster daughter, Eva, has left. She is a super busy almost three year old. She kept me hopping from before the sun got up until well after the sun went down – and sometimes in the middle of the night. I learned a valuable lesson about myself – I cannot handle caring for 2 two year olds. Moms with twins – I salute you!

Moms of triplets – I salute you also. All three of the youngest children were 10 months apart in age… Eva, Katie, and Benjamin (in that order). All weighed in the neighborhood of 25 lbs. It seemed when one was having a bad day and needed to be held/carried – the other two would follow suit.

My back is finally going to get a well deserved break!

Laundry duty will be a little lighter. Nothing beats the two-three loads a day I did normally… until the other morning when five out of six children had accidents in bed. Ten loads of laundry. YIKES! Dried with my noisy substitute dryer.

My husband ordered the parts to fix my real dryer.

He’s working to install them… RIGH NOW!

By afternoon tomorrow, I hope to have a matched laundry set again!

A little good news arrived in my Inbox today! 🙂

mother-teresa-and-me[1] I’d heard about this book Mother Teresa and Me by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle. I’d read all sorts of fabulous reviews from other Catholic people. I wanted to order the book. Click the cover image to be taken to Donna-Marie’s site for ordering information. Then I came across this post by Anne at Catholic Mommy Brain. There was a give-a-way involved. All I had to do was leave a comment to have a chance to win… what did I have to lose? Nothing. So I posted a comment. I got an email from Anne today – I won a copy of the book! I’m so excited. Mother Teresa has always been special to me. I’ll expand on that thought as I read the book and share with you my thoughts about it. The book should arrive to my real mailbox soon!

Dinner by Little Ceasar’s tonight. I just could not wrap my brain around cooking anything tonight. The fatigue and exhaustion was just too much and overwhelmed me after Eva left. I have not done anything but play games on Facebook, read blogs, and pray today.