I am typically very late in posting anything in response to world events… so the fact I am writing about my thoughts, etc. about Haiti “this late in the game” is not surprising to me.

I guess I have spent much of the time since the earthquake watching and processing the news that was coming in. I have also been watching the world respond and thinking thoughts that for now are better kept to myself. Mostly, I have been praying. Praying. and more Praying.

I donated a few dollars, via my Parish, to Catholic Relief Services. Because my few dollars in combination with the other members of my Parish’s few dollars added up… this was then added to the donations from approximately 100 other Catholic Churches in the Diocese of Lansing.. which adds up to a lot of funds. Much needed, as the Cathedral in Port-Au-Prince collapsed, killing the Archbishop and many Semanarians (men studying for the priesthood). We need good and Holy Priests!

Today, I learned that After Mass Records has a Compilation Album available to help raise funds to assist Haiti’s citizens. There is no set price. Free will offering. If you cannot afford a monetary donation, they are accepting prayer donations also.

On the following issue, I cannot be quiet – it disturbs me too much…

One of our local television stations has been following the story of a family that started the process to adopt a little boy from Haiti almost 2 years ago. Due to the earthquake the adoption was expedited. The seven year old boy arrived in Michigan the other day. News camera crews and reporters present. Hasn’t this boy suffered enough trauma? To be orphaned before the age of 5, then to survive the earthquake, and now to arrive in a foriegn country under the care of people he barely knows to be confronted upon getting off of the plane by news crews?? My other problem with all of this, these families that are adopting these Haitian orphans – would it not be better to maintain a larger degree of privacy? Protect these kids’ identities until they adjust to their new life with their new families in their new country — they have just lost EVERYTHING they know!

The thing that REALLY, *REALLY* peeves me about the whole adopting old children from foreign countries – we have THOUSANDS of children here in the UNITED STATES in need of loving stable FOREVER families! If you are considering adoption to build your family and older children are “ok with you” – please consider adopting a child or group of children from the Foster Care System. Really, they are good kids! I have fostered thirteen to date. We are soon to be starting the process of adopting our “Katie”. Two other children that we fostered are already adopted into a great family. Two more children that we fostered (currently fostering one of them again) are being transitioned to their prospective adoptive family… the three siblings will be together again, instead of separated in the foster care system! Friends of our are in the beginning stages of adopting two of their three foster children. The process will likely begin soon for the third child.

I have other friends that adopted older children (teenagers) from the foster care system. Those kids got a fresh start and will have loving parents behind them as they find their wings and make their way into the world on their own.

No child should “age out” of the foster care system. They should all be found loving families!

*climbing down off my soapbox now and retreating back into the shadows*