I’ve been taking the pictures. Just have not been posting them. You know how it is… “I’ll do it later.” Later comes, but nothing happens. “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Today becomes the tomorrow that we talked about yesterday – and still nothing happens. I did that to myself for over a week! YIKES!

12 January 2010

DSCN0423web[1] My happy little guy, Benjamin. He loves to have his picture taken! He’s got such a great smile, I could take a picture of it *every* single day!

13 January 2010

IMG_0170web[1]Just a quick snap with iPhone of my hubby processed by the Lego iPhone App. Silly fun free stuff! If I knew how to link you to apps, I would and I cannot seem to find the website… maybe Lego.Com?

14 January 2010

See the blog post below.

15 January 2010

DSCN0434web[1] I decided I wanted to do a scrapbook layout about the blankets all of my children got from “Grandma Pat”. This is the ‘best’ photo of one of the blankets. This blanket happens to belong to our foster daughter Eva. We found out today (1/19) that she will be leaving our home soon to move in with her two brothers at their potential Forever Family’s home! We are so excited for Eva and her new beginning!

16 January 2010

Please forgive me. I did not actually take any of the photos you are about to see. Patrick, Christopher, and Nicholas went to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Between Patrick, Christopher, and a friend – I have more photos than I know what to do with!

P1000676web[1] This little mobile Coffee Cafe made me think of my husband’s cousin, David. In his college days, he started a little coffee cafe out of his dorm room if I remember correctly.

P1000789web[1] Patrick took this shot from The People Mover. That’s the Ambassador Bridge that goes between Detroit and Canada. I’ll be running across that if I make it to the Detroit Free Press Flagstar Marathon in October.

17 January 2010

IMG_0179web[1] Playing with the Lego App again! This is Nicholas.

17 January 2010

DSC_8394web[1] Playing with setting on my Nikon D40. Christopher really liked this photo – I took several. He chose this one. LOL

18 January 2010

Some how or another, I have no photo for yesterday. I got very caught up in behavior issues of one of the children. Maybe I’ll take a photo of the “Naughty Spot” for my photo book.

And that brings us to TODAY! YAY!!

19 January 2010

Today’s photo is a bit different. Let me show you and then I’ll explain…

DSC_8398web[1] Christopher has this project to do. His 9th Grade English class just finished Romeo & Juliet. He needed some artwork for a tombstone that depicted the story. The picture above is what he came up with. I photographed it because he needed the size reduced and did not want to draw the whole thing again… I don’t blame him.