So my fancy LG Dryer died. After almost 9 years of loyal service it is no surprise. We had trouble with it right after the manufacturer warranty ran out, but LG was fabulous and extended the warranty for us. Now, however, we do not hold out much hope.

My husband is a great guy. All weekend, he would fix the dryer. I would dry a load and the next load it wouldn’t work again. Fix and repeat.

Last night he got frustrated.

Thankfully, he rescued a dryer a few years ago when the house across the street was being torn down. Yep, it’s a little creepy drying our clothes in a dead guy’s dryer – but honestly, I do not think he used it that much. We miss you, Leo, but thank you for your dryer!

Another thing I am thankful for – when we bought our manufactured home, the dealer made a mistake on the order form and told the manufacturer we wanted electric clothes dryer hook up and a gas stove hook up. Oops! Reverse that! We found our original order form, which the deal lost and did not call to ask us if we had, so the dealer paid for us to get an additional gas hook up for the dryer and added the electric hook up for the stove. We have both options available. The rescued dryer is electric. My LG was gas.

I do not really care what it uses to dry my clothes as long as the clothes get clean and dry!

It does look a little funny. So small and simple in comparison to the computerized giant washing machine. I cannot run the monster loads in it that I could in the LG. On the bright side – my family will have clean socks and underwear until Patrick can fix the LG or we can buy a new dryer. He has it narrowed down to four possible parts that need to be replaced. He is going to call today to order all four parts provided they cost less all together than a new dryer.

Sometimes, it is good to be married to a pack-rat!