My photo posting is running a day behind. Such is life with six children – cannot always do what I want to do when I want to do it.

This is my middle boy child. He broke three pairs of glasses last year and lost the lenses out of two more pair. Do not ask me how he does it.

He got his new eye exam last weekend. I went and ordered his new lenses for the two pairs of glasses that were still in tact. Daddy went and picked up one pair that was ready yesterday morning. YAY, Daddy!

Nicholas was so excited to have his glasses back!

Oh, and check out those new pajamas! He got those from Aunt Peggy for his birthday, a little late. THANK YOU, AUNT PEGGY! Nicholas loves Lightning McQueen! Everything that boy has or does is related to the Disney Pixar movie CARS.

I admit – I did some editing in Photoshop. Nicholas had horrible glare – had to fix that as best as I could. Then to make his PJs “pop” I desaturated the background and put a little guassian blur to it. I like it!