I took a couple of pictures yesterday! When the mood strikes…

DSC_8353web[1] The first photo, the view out my front door. We had a “Winter Weather Advisory” all day the day before. It started snowing around noon on the 7th and did not stop until around noon on the 8th! The children obviously had a snow day. Unfortunately, it was not good packing snow. No snowmen. No snowball fights. The roads were too treacherous here for us to venture to the sledding hill. It sure looked pretty though. Thankfully, my neighbor came with his snow blower and cleared our driveway and in front of the mailboxes.




The second photo, last nights dinner and probably today’s lunch. I found the recipe for Creole Jambalaya on the blog of Pamela Donnis. Her family is trying to eat “Rice and Beans, Beans and Rice” each day for a year. She’s off to a great start and I’ve decided to follow along because who doesn’t like to save money on their meal planning. I won’t necessarily make everything that she does or make it exactly the way she did – but she will serve as great inspiration to get me cooking more.

The kids, most of them, raved about dinner. There’s a ton of leftovers! I used two 12 ounce packages of smoked sausage and left out the chicken. We have been eating a lot of chicken lately and I did not want chicken again. I also used fresh green, red, orange, and yellow bell peppers because I had them on hand and they were getting that “about to go bad” look.

The photo was taken before the meat and veggies were added to the rice, tomatoes, and beef broth.