2010-01-07-Project365-Picture[1]We are currently under a Winter Weather Advisory until 7 AM ET. What does that mean exactly? It’s snowing. It is likely to continue snowing until that time. What do people that live in Michigan think of this “advisory”? It’s just another winter day in Michigan, but we might want to drive a little slower. Maybe.

I saw my doctor today. I think I will be looking for a new one. I saw him in early November for severe bronchitis and a sinus infection. No antibiotics. I saw him today for the same sinus infection that never went away completely but has decided to flare back up in a major way. He very reluctantly prescribed the antibiotic. The way he acted, you would think I was begging for Morphine or something!

The picture for today… I live in a rural area. As I was driving home from the pharmacy, I saw this tree and decided that it needed to be my Project 365 photo for today. Believe it or not, not too far off in the distance behind this tree is some woods and a barn and some houses. The snow today is very fine and coming down like crazy! Visibility was not the greatest. If I would have had a choice, I would not have gone out.

  • Credits:
  • Date Strip & Circle Marker by Brandy Humphrey of Brandy Designs
  • Fonts: Edwardian Script and Myriad Pro
  • Photo processing in Photoshop – increased the contrast and brightness to make the photo look more like what I saw than what my camera captured.