I tried to take some photos of some silk roses I have in a vase. For whatever reason, after removing the SD card from my camera and putting it into my computer, the folder preview shows the pictures – but when I open the folder, there is nothing there and the computer says that the folder is empty. Weird.

The roses are actually for part of the decorations of my parents’ 40th Wedding Anniversary cake – yep, there’s going to be a party! I’ve ordered the cake. There will be lots of photos here in a couple of weeks following the big day.

My dad sent me an email about a neat new thing Microsoft is offering: Photosynth. You take literally hundreds of photographs of a space, for example your living room and Photosynth will take those uploaded photos and create an amazing Virtual 3D Environment. I do not really want to document my living space in 3D right now… at least not until all of the lessons from FlyLady have sunk in and taken flight! Sorry Mac users, it’s not compatible with you!

Proud Momma Moment: Watching my middle child waiting for his bus this morning – all those times of me telling him to wait at the fence post for the bus to come to a complete stop have sunk in! He was playing in the snow when he saw his bus coming. He jumped up and ran to the fence post. There he waited for the bus to come to a complete stop and for the bus doors to open. YAY, Nicholas! Maybe sounding like a broken record all the time *is* worth it.

I’ll be back later with an official Project 365 posting. While you’re waiting, go play with Photosynth!