DSCN0401[1]Almost all of us collect something. For me, I collect Grinch things. Waterglobes, movies, t-shirts, ornaments, stuffed toys, etc. If it has the Grinch on it, I have a compulsive need to have it. I wanted to photograph part of my Grinch collection for today, but I’ve already taken down all of our Christmas decorations and packed them away until next year.

My 7 year old daughter on the other hand, collects hair brushes. Or at least that is how it seems. The photo is just three of them that I found in the space of a five-minute cleaning session in the dining room. She has more. I know she does. She just got a new one with Tinker Bell on the handle for Christmas. Funny, but most of her brushes are pink. I suppose this insures her brothers are not going to use her brushes!

Her little sister on the other hand has no hair brushes. The prerequisite to owning a hair brush… having hair that needs to be brushed! She’s almost two years old and still very bald!

While checking out my husband’s cousin David’s Project 365 Blog last night, he shared what types of cameras he is using to document his 365. I thought this was a fabulous idea, so I stole it! Thank you, David!

My cameras, in no particular order:

  1. Nikon CoolPix XL20 (Point & Shoot)
  2. Nikon D40
  3. iPhone 3G
  4. Panasonic Lumix (Hubby’s Point & Shoot – but I might get to use it sometimes)

With some degree of certainty, the bulk of my Project 365 photos will be taken using the Nikon CoolPix XL20. I got it for Christmas. Just like my iPhone, it goes everywhere with me. Since it takes better photos than the iPhone it will probably be my “Go To” Camera for 2010!