DSCN0389[1] I belong to a couple of Teams on SparkPeople.Com. One of them is the Shutterbugs. Great group – very inspiring. This week’s photo assignment: What’s in/on your Window Sill?

This is my right hand kitchen window – looking out to my ornamental pond, which as you can see is frozen over and covered with snow.

*Running out with a gallon of warm water to thaw a hole into the ice* Do not want my poor fishies to die due to lack of oxygen!

*Running to fill the humidifier* Got zapped bad by the door handle. The air is so DRY in this house!


Now then, where did I leave off. Oh yeah, Cheerios Go Crunch.

DSCN0393[1] So far, 2010 has been a bit of a disappointment. No body’s fault but my own. Maybe I expected the new decade to start off with some sort of cosmic epiphany or something. No great revelations here. The Cheerios on my dining room floor still go *CRUNCH* when I step on them. Maybe I thought the babies would magically grow up and there would be no more Cheerios on the floor to step on. LOL

So, you get two photos today – not just one. Cheerios on the floor. This happens every single day in this household. Especially right now – three children age 2 1/2 and under. It is a wonder I still have hair and know my *real* name!

Laundry is still a never ending job.

Dishes are a never ending job.

The kids are growing up.

I sincerely hope at some point during 2010 I will be able to show you a real photograph of our foster daughter we are trying to adopt. Once she is “ours”, the whole world will know it. My husband’s Facebook account is going to explode with photos and videos of her from the past two years!