Happy 7th Birthday,

Mary Ann!

Today is my second child’s birthday. I can hardly believe it’s been 7 years! She came into the world very quickly and easily. In comparison to my boys she just fell out! LOL She’s a beauty with her blonde hair and blue eyes. People always ask where she gets her hair and eyes from – my husband and I both have dark hair and dark eyes. Mary Ann is an easy child… unless it’s a “Diva Day”. She has a super imagination! We’re often said, “She lives in her own little world.” Her little world is a magical, fantastic place – she tells us about it all the time… “In my world…” I do not know what it is like in her world for certain, but I do know that *my* world would be a much emptier, sadder, lonelier place without her in it!

Now for the pretty lights –

Mary Ann had one of her friends over for a play date today. After taking the friend home, I decided to go into the big city park to take some pictures of the Christmas Lights in the Historical Village. Here are a few of the shots I liked best… remember, they are straight from the camera, I have not edited other than to rotate and add my watermark.

DSC_8177web[1]DSC_8178web[1] DSC_8187web[1] DSC_8188web[1]