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Happy 7th Birthday,

Mary Ann!

Today is my second child’s birthday. I can hardly believe it’s been 7 years! She came into the world very quickly and easily. In comparison to my boys she just fell out! LOL She’s a beauty with her blonde hair and blue eyes. People always ask where she gets her hair and eyes from – my husband and I both have dark hair and dark eyes. Mary Ann is an easy child… unless it’s a “Diva Day”. She has a super imagination! We’re often said, “She lives in her own little world.” Her little world is a magical, fantastic place – she tells us about it all the time… “In my world…” I do not know what it is like in her world for certain, but I do know that *my* world would be a much emptier, sadder, lonelier place without her in it!

Now for the pretty lights –

Mary Ann had one of her friends over for a play date today. After taking the friend home, I decided to go into the big city park to take some pictures of the Christmas Lights in the Historical Village. Here are a few of the shots I liked best… remember, they are straight from the camera, I have not edited other than to rotate and add my watermark.

DSC_8177web[1]DSC_8178web[1] DSC_8187web[1] DSC_8188web[1]


FaithButtonThis is new blog Meme that I found today! Thank you @DanielleBean from Faith & Family Live!

My Small Successes this week:

  1. 1. Hung girls’ winter coats in their closets to make room in storage bins for new fostercare placement’s clothing. The “bins” need to serve as a temporary dresser.

2. I set up our card table in the corner of the living room. Our Christmas Tree will eventually be on top of the table.

3. Brought in and cleaned the toddler bed and mattress. Our new foster daughter will have a place to sleep!

Just putting this into writing has suddenly made me feel more optimistic about my never-ending “To-Do” list. Off of here to go tackle some dishes and laundry. Maybe even do some vacuuming.


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