So, I was lying in bed last night after reading several posts about the annual “One Little Word” – read more here at Ali’s blog

Several words came to mind.




Possibility – I need to be aware of all the limitless possibilities and opportunities that surround me, my family, and our lives.

Simplify – I tend to make everything more complicated than it really needs to be. For instance choosing my word for this year! I’m over thinking it.

Create – I have neglected my creative side for too long. I need remember that even when I’m doing the laundry, I’m creating something – a loving home for my family.

However, after having thought about to the point of getting a headache, my word for 2009 is…

Scale back.
Use less.
I need to stop over thinking things.
I need to stop making everything more complicated than it needs to be.
I need to purge the excess from my life and the lives of my family.
I want to make life simple.
I noticed that in 2008, a lot of my scrap pages were cluttered looking. I want to try returning to cleaner layout designs.
This word might help me to also experience more creativity – the possibilities might truly be endless, if only I can simplify my life!